Over the past few years, Philadelphia has been establishing itself as a place of gastronomic excellence. Scores of people from near and far flock daily to the City of Brotherly love to explore the top notch culinary delicacies this place has to offer. Just outside Center City, where fancy, high priced restaurants serve only the finest of dishes with fresh, quality ingredients, the closest thing to a good meal can be found on the Dollar Menu of McDonald’s or a run down corner grocery store.

This disparity in food quality in Philadelphia should certainly be cause for alarm. With the growing obesity epidemic, which has been gaining national attention, the lack of substantial and nutritious foods in the poorer, urban areas of the city has been proven to take a negative toll on the health and well being of its inhabitants for decades.

This past fall, La Salle University has partnered with their local Fresh Grocer, initiating the “Neighborhood Health and Nutrition Project” in an effort to help raise awareness about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle in the school’s surrounding community.

This blog aims to examine this program more closely. As a collegiate athlete as well as an advocate for healthy eating as a key ingredient for a long and fulfilling life, I would hope that this initiative will serve as the necessary push this community needs to become a better place to live and work.


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