“I’d Like to Ask the Audience”

Since the goal of La Salle’s Neighborbood Health and Nutrition Project is to improve the overall eating environment of the university’s surrounding community, it would make sense for readers to have an idea of the demographic makeup Logan, Ogontz, and Olney sections of Philadelphia.

I got a chance to talk with several people who live in the area and ask them their personal opinions about the food options here in the neighborhood. They graciously let me record our conversation; take a look below at what they had to say.




Health and Nutrition: A Trending Topic

Much like the rapidly increasing size of our nation’s citizens, the awareness of the declining state of our nation’s health and diet is increasing as well. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems that are in part caused by the food problem in the United States is costing us a great deal. This issue of not only hitting people hard, but also their wallets. This has sparked a nationwide movement, encouraging people to step away from the fast food counter and into places that sell healthier, fresher, better quality food.

With the rising popularity of Internet blogging, there are countless health and nutrition posts are raising awareness about this issue. Available to anyone with access to the Internet, new blogs are popping up daily, offering people advice as well as hope that they may be able to offset these pending health problems for themselves and their children.

Take a look at Mayo Clinic’s nutrition blog, which offers suggestions for improving your diet and overall lifestyle.

You do not have to be a doctor or have professional expertise on nutrition to blog about it (exhibit A). Many people will post in blogs chronicling their own experience in their quest to achieve a healthier diet. Step Away From the Cake is a more personal account of one blogger’s day by day diet and fitness journal, which include both high and low points alike. A lot of blogs like this exist today; they can attract many readers who can read these posts and think, “Hey, if this person can do it, so can I!”

There are also blogs that detail trends in the world of health and nutrition. This article from the Huffington Post discusses a study that shows older Americans are in worse overall health than the generation that precedes them.

Blogs like these can not only help people begin taking the necessary steps to live a healthy lifestyle, but they can also educate readers about just how to do so and how important it is.

There has been a gradual paradigm shift over the past decade or so in the way Americans are viewing food; people are becoming more aware of just what they are putting into their bodies, and how much of it is not good for them. The pressure is on for parents, teachers, and lawmakers to begin reevaluating their eating habits and creating an environment where their children can learn at an early age the incredible importance of eating healthy and nutritious foods.